Project Date: June 01, 2013 Skills: Art Direction, Visual Design, Interaction Design, User Experience Design

Aol Enterprise Services Mobile App

The Aol enterprise services mobile app was a great idea for a location-based tool for Aol employees across the globe to help find the people and resources they need in any given Aol office. Suppose you’re from the London or Bangalore office and are visiting the New York headquarters, the app can tell you about Aol employees who are near your current location in the office, look up local printers to connect to, and find nearby kitchens or other facilities.

The initial build was done by engineers and did not provide a user friendly experience communicating what the product was, nor exactly what it could do in an intuitive manner.

I came on shortly after the engineering effort began to provide product user interface specifications, product user experience design in the form of an intuitive navigation scheme, and finally visual design to give the final product a professional look and feel for its target users.

My role on this project:

  • User interface and interaction design
  • Visual design

For a portfolio of product UX design process artifacts just send me a request.